How accessible is New York City’s Citi Bike network? Who benefits from it? Does accessibility change based on different proximity metrics?

This report evaluates the Citibike network’s accessibility to New York City residents based on two different proximity metrics. The first is a service area from half a mile from Citi Bike stations, and the second is accessibility via subway stations thirty minutes away from those Citi Bike stations. It also looks at areas which have no access at all. Analyzing Citi Bike as a bi-modal transportation option illustrates that the system is rather robust, but is not accessible equally across age and race. Minority populations are less likely to have access to Citi Bike than white populations. Younger populations are also more likely to have access, but this is on par with New York City’s relatively young population.

Spring 2017. Introduction to Geographic Information Systems. Taught by Leah Meisterlin. In collaboration with Joan Zhang.