How can we limit the volume of waste that reaches the landfill & generate employment opportunities for women?

Wastespace’s mission is to build a community hub for sustainability and gender equity in Vieques, Puerto Rico, through infrastructure innovation and entrepreneurship. By reconfiguring current modes of waste collection and recycling, this project disrupts the island’s waste-stream and extracts those materials suitable for reprocessing to produce value-added goods. Today such source materials ended up in the landfill, which is rapidly nearing its maximum capacity and poses a threat to Vieques’s sustainability and environmental health.

Wastespace will provide access to tools and equipment for reprocessing collected recycled materials to marketable products ranging from tiles to furniture to clipboards. Training to build and operate the tools, and produce marketable products will be integral to wastespace.

Reintroducing these reprocessed waste materials into the market provides an important opportunity to rethink the island’s economy and empower female residents. Programming will be geared towards providing classes and workshops oriented toward women, who have systematically been absent from roles within the existing labor force, and who are interested in skill-sharing and entrepreneurial initiatives.

Spring 2019. In collaboration with Rebecca Book. Advanced IV: New Paradigms for a Resilient Vieques. Architecture Critic: Richard Plunz; Urban Planning Critic: Douglas Woodward; Associate Critic: Ubaldo Escalante.